Download mpx200_2005IMG.rar

Using this tutorial you can upgrade your Motorola MPX200 to Windows Mobile 2005 Smartphone.
When you open the archive you will find three .bin files which are converted to .img with the help of MPX200_Backup.exe
1. Take out the SD and SIM and connect the phone (like for patching)
2. Patch motorola mobile upgrade wizard - part1.img
3. Take off the cable and remove the battery
4. Add back the battery after 20 seconds
5. Hard reset
6. device ID will show error (await for long, well or generally it cannot see see anything To any fireman wait minutes 40)
7. Repeat step 3 and 4
8. Add SD card
9. Reconnect the datacable
10. Patch part2.img
11. Patch part3.img
12. Turn off and remove the battery
13. Add the battery
14. Hard Reset, but options are distinguished now (select clean reg hive and format storage)
15. await the completion (waiting time it depends on size and speed of flash card
16. Enjoy Windows Mobile 2005!

P.S. Don't blame me if you break your phone - I just translated from Russian and I personally never tested it (I do not have MPX200) :)

Important: Do not use KINGSTON cards. They will not work due bugs in their filesystem


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