THE PACKAGE: Based on: Iphone plus 49R

1. The firmware R373_G_0E.30.49R
2. Flashbackup 2.62 or Rsd lite
3. Auto Lock KeyPad

Some more stuff:
- ## -for flashlight

Customized DRM
1. Firmware: Linux Monster Pack
2. Gaintable: Dj returns ( the one of most downloads in is the best you can prove it with this song that containst a lot of bass here is the song
And then prove the same song with another gain table and you will see the diferences
4. Language Pack 002E (Simpson font : English, Spanish, Portuguese and French)

Space: Free Space: 3.4 MB

Dual corelet (itunes 2.9 this loads when the phone starts and it can be unloaded with the number 0 and the shortcut Menu+1) and (Mediaviewer corelet with shortcut menu+2)


3 Skins (4x3) Special Skins
1 Skin With Tux Linux in the center

1.Tux Black (Animation Wallpaper)

2.Moto linux



Java Applications
- Jzipman -winmobile
- MiniCommander - Opera Mini
- Synerj -moto tunes - Synerj_tools49R
7 sounds,19 images and 0 videos
Download HERE

Model : Motorola E398
Flex: Linux MP
R373_G_0E.30.49R (Enabled Autokeylock )
4 Skins Built This MP
sandisk 1G Micro SD Card..