Motorola E398

Motorola E398

Motorola E398

Motorola E398

Motorola E398

- S/W : R373_G_0E.30.48R
- Flex: °StereoMoto° v1.0 by Clappo
- DSP : 6242A200
- Technology: GSM 900/1800-1900

- The same of all the others 48R mp...

- Total Space: ~8.5MB
- Used  Space: ~3.8MB
- Free  Space: ~4.7MB

Language Pack:
-R373 Lp Ita-Eng Comic Sans (font by Sanyok) by Clappo

- Vassio iTunes 2.8.0 - with the original skin (in my opinion is the best!)

- BodyGuard's 4xR Sound (very very great!)

- iGrey (Yes! I put only one skin because in my opinion is perfect: it has all the icons if you don't change the drm...and so there is more space...sorry but i don't know the creator of this skin but really thanks to him!)

- 17 java app.

Startup and shotdown animations:
- created by me...i'm really sure you'll like them... they are "a the origins"

- I make my own image (no hellomoto bootscreen)

Videos, images, sounds:
- 1 video (you'll like it... )
- 22 sounds
- 10 wallpapers

Browser sessions:
- Put yours

- Transfer files via Bluetooth with nine popular formats: Jar, rar, zip, doc, txt, wma, pdf, bin, exe if these files were located in Video folder on Phone or Transflash.

- All the stad and the users of  for the help (in particular Ice, Michael, alex, nick, flash, stefanom, Frank and all the others!!!)
- BodyGuard x la GT e il Drm  (BG you are the best!!!...Please Continue to create mp!!!)
- The man who created the iGrey skin (Fantastic!)
- Sanyok for the fantastic font of the lp (really thanks!!!)
- motomodders comunity! (everybody!)
- Who will use my mp...

I flashed with mff and it gives me error at hte end of flesh (in the checksums phase) however it perfectly works on my phone! But MAKE a backup first...

Download HERE