Info: Speed ituneS Final By Mr.i398

Flex: Speed ituneS Final
SW: R373_G_0E.30.70R
DSP: 6240A000
Technology: Quad-Band GSM
Lang :0021 [I]Default English[/I] (R373_LP_0021_BM) Thank.. bogbag 
DRM: CooLDRM_mcLexx_Mix by Me New picture


- Total Space: 5983kb

- Used Space: 2781kb

- Free Space: 3201b


New 3 skins: All Skin 1x1

- LineAqua   [I]Default[/I]

- VN E1pink

- VN W398 Walkman


iTunes: 2.81


New Skin With iShell New skin


Itunes Tranlated English 32767 Songs

- Newest iTunes at the moment with all advanced features & nice main/ishell skin)

when you are in iTunes press "0" zero button & you will enter iShell

- Update Database automatically

- Auto play with a lot of features or no need to have seem inside.

- Alam SMS

- To hide iTunes, just press Smart key

- Synthesize with iTunes 6

- Full Tranlated Into English

Dual_boot: 2 boot loaders:

- First normal default boot loader "*"+"#"+"red button"

- Second special 07.D0 boot loader that can work even if battery is low!

- You can run special boot loader holding "Green" button & pressing Two times "RED" Button



Games: & Apps 10


GainTable GT5  Edit By Me


BootScreen  Speed ituneS Final Picture


Download HERE